Some of the most talented visual artists of our generation.

Nikon Ambassadors are some of the most versatile, ambitious and influential photographers today. They represent a vast array of backgrounds and shooting disciplines, but what binds them all is a commitment to move the imaging industry forward through knowledge sharing, guidance for the imaging community and a mastery of technology and trends. Nikon is proud to call them partners.

As loyal Nikon partners, Nikon Ambassadors’ commitment and contributions to the photographic industry have influenced and inspired photographers around the world. Their desire to educate and empower image-makers is part of their daily business, through workshops, trade shows, online learning, social media and more. Nikon Ambassadors are dedicated to advancing the art of visual storytelling while embracing and mastering the latest technologies and trends.

These are the top photography artists and visual storytellers of our generation, and their remarkable creativity and tenacious approach is demonstrated assignment after assignment, every time they pick up a Nikon camera. They communicate the needs of working pros to Nikon, provide valuable insights about the direction of the imaging industry and energize the rest of us through inspiration, education and empowerment.

Nikon Ambassadors help professional photographers thrive in their business while inspiring all others to step up and challenge their creativity. Mentor. Motivate. Inspire.

– Mike Corrado, Sr. Manager; NPS & Pro Relations