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Charmi Peña

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Charmi Peña's success as a wedding photographer specializing in Indian and Southeast Asian weddings stems from her passion for preserving the intimacy of weddings, especially those of her own culture, and her desire to honor wedding traditions by capturing them with the respect they deserve.

Her documentary approach, coupled with a tendency to break the rules and push the boundaries, has not only lead to top industry awards, but also to a decade of happy clients and recognition in numerous publications, including The New York Times, Maharani Weddings, South Asian Bride and Moment Junkie.

An educator and industry leader, Charmi has graced the stages of conferences including Mystic Seminars and the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI), where she taught the art and technique of photographing Indian weddings and the fine art of creating connection, moving outside one’s comfort zone and elevating the industry. She’s also been featured on CreativeLive's SLR Lounge where she's shared insights for capturing emotion and connection on a wedding day.

Her one-day Momentum Workshop gives photographers the tools they need to fuel their businesses through referrals, and she offers one-on-one consulting for overhauling websites and portfolios to keep prospective clients engaged and to help in creating healthy client relationships.

Charmi is also as well known for her advocacy for women’s equality and social justice as she is for her skill as a photographer.

I’m not at your wedding to simply “take pictures”. I’m there to preserve memories and give you a carefully curated collection of images you will fall in love with. In a wedding day, I’m all in for my couple.
Nikon Ambassador Charmi Peña photo of a bride in traditional Indian wedding clothing

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