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Sharrone Calafiore

Sharrone Calafiore is a wedding filmmaker that creates captivating and unique films that are as genuine as they are beautiful. She is the creative force behind Fiore Films, which she established in 2008 with her husband, Chris. With a background as a video editor, Sharrone believes the key to creating unforgettable films is musicality and creative editing. It’s this ability to seamlessly weave imagery and music, along with an intense attention to detail, to create a cinematic experience that transports viewers into the heart of each couple’s love story.  

Sharrone (known as the Queen of East Coast Filmmaking, or mythical unicorn, depending on who you ask) goes against the grain while using minimal tools and lets her composition and light do all the talking. Her sophisticated and unique style is heavily influenced by her love for fashion, music and romance, all of which influence her distinct aesthetic, resulting as one of the most recognizable in the industry.

Sharrone has won numerous awards and industry accolades and takes pride that her content is described as anywhere from “moody” and “edgy” to “dreamy” and “elegant”. 

Sharrone Calafiore headshot
The magic of Sharrone’s filmmaking lies in her ability to harness the nuances of shadow, light, and body language, crafting intentional scenes that are not just seen but felt—a testament to her artistry and vision.

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