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Lynsey is a prize-winning international photojournalist who photographs for The New York Times, National Geographic magazine and Time. She covered the fall of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and the conflict in Darfur, and for five years photographed in Afghanistan, embedded with American troops on the front lines as well as covering the lives of Afghan civilians.

She spent a year documenting the plight of Syrian refugees in Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan and has covered stories as diverse as the coal belt in India to the push of Islamic State militants into Northern Iraq.

Among Lynsey's numerous awards is a MacArthur Fellowship, a shared Pulitzer Prize for international reporting and the Overseas Press Club's Olivier Rebbot Award. In January, 2015, American Photo magazine named her one of the top five photographers of the last 25 years to Influence the way we see the world.

She is the author of the acclaimed memoir, It's What I Do: A Photographer's Life of Love and War.

Lynsey is exclusively represented by Getty Images Reportage.

It's hard not to get emotionally involved in the story. Whether you grow to love a place or hate it, you feel connected to the people. I'm in their lives every day.
Nikon Ambassador Lynsey Addario photo of a displaced woman riding her donkey through kalma camp in Nyala, South Darfur, Sudan, November 2005.

© Lynsey Addario

An internally displaced woman rides her donkey through kalma camp in Nyala, South Darfur, Sudan, November 2005.