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Gilmar Smith

Gilmar is a born and raised Venezuelan, and she's based in Orlando, Fl. For Gilmar, photography isn't just a profession; it's a lifeline to joy, a beacon of light that has guided her through her darkest moments. Her passion evolved into a purpose: to capture the essence of life's joy and share it with the world. Gilmar approaches photography as a joyful journey of discovery. She sees each shoot as a playground of possibilities, a chance to challenge conventions and invite whimsy. She blends the art of photography with a sprinkle of humor, vivid colors, and a touch of pixie dust, bringing to life a world where joy, laughter, adventure, and boundless imagination take over.

As an educator and speaker, Gilmar loves sharing her passion, empowering others to embrace their creative vision, igniting their imagination, and encouraging photographers to infuse their unique perspectives into their work by incorporating the power of experimentation, the joy of play, and the art of storytelling. 

She has delivered multiple instructional sessions at the Photoshop World Conference and entertained the audience by putting together well elaborated, engaging photo bays. She has graced the stage at The Photography Show in the UK; her work has garnered recognition in several publications, and her talents have also led to assignments with The New York Times. Her contributions extend to knowledge sharing as a contributing writer for Photoshop User Magazine. Moreover, Gilmar's dedication to education has been felt at KelbyOne, where she has conducted several classes encompassing the fields of photography, styling, retouching, and the business side of photography.

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To me, photography isn't just about freezing time; it's about embracing it in all its vibrancy.
Gilmar Smith photo of a woman smiling and holding an orange slice over one eye, while wearing clothing in different shades of orange

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