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April 26-29, 2018

Summit Series of Photography Workshops

Advanced Lighting Workshop

Denver, CO

The importance of light in photographs has always been an elite skill that once mastered will help your photography soar to the next level. For decades, lighting has been a mainstay in all of our workshops as it relates to sports, nature, portraiture, commercial work, and more. Here we bring you the best lighting experts from around the country all in one place to teach you the expert techniques.

Faculty: Rich Clarkson, Dave Black, Joey Terrill, Lucas Gilman, Matt Hernandez, Ron Taniwaki.

Summit Series of Photography Workshops

The summit is the highest point of the mountain, and the Summit Series of Photography Workshops represents the pinnacle of continuing education in photography. We combine the best instruction in photography and new digital technology with the highest level of creativity and the best career networking available anywhere. This has led to over 25 years of Summit and Sports Workshops with a reputation for being the best of the best. More recent additions like the Adventure Photography Workshop and Aurora Multimedia Workshop address the growing demand in these new fields.

What makes the Summit Photography Workshops unique are faculties of eight or more of the best talent in the world—the best photographers, the best teachers, the top editors and users of photography. Throughout the week you will have the opportunity to get varying opinions and perspectives, practical creative and technical instruction, unique career counseling and the ultimate networking that has jump-started many careers. Each photography workshop features new instruction, new teachers and the ability to demo the latest equipment in order to keep pace with the continually changing world of photography.

Each morning specific topics are covered by our staff, and the students' photos from the previous day's work are projected and critiqued. Afternoons are for photographing a project of your choosing or for meeting with instructors for portfolio reviews and career counseling. Additionally, there are often optional afternoon instructional sessions that you may choose to attend.

The evening sessions feature a program by one or two of the instructors who show their work and talk about their careers. Following the evening presentation, students and faculty can gather socially. Each year great friendships—and some careers—are made at the Summit Photography Workshops.

Summit Series of Workshops


Advanced Lighting Workshop Workshop Video
Sports Photography Workshop Workshop Video
Adventure Photography Workshop Workshop Video
Fall Photography at the Summit Workshop Video
Sports - California  
Sandhill Crane Workshop  
Alaska Workshop  

For more information and a complete listing of individual workshops, please visit or call 800-745-3211.

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