Nikon Americas USA

Session One: Better Photos

Better photos can be made; we're going to show you how to make them!

Who should attend:

Folks who haven’t been able to translate creativity into good photographs. We will bypass the boring and move you directly to learning what builds a great photograph. You’ll come away with a better understanding of the digital photo process from shooting to editing, sharing and printing of your photographs.


What to expect:

Covering the basics of photography, you’ll learn not only what makes a good photograph, but the tips and tricks to be able to shoot great photos too!



New Classes will be added soon.

Topics Will Include

  • Keys to great photography: composition, ISO, aperture, focus settings, and more

  • Taking control of the camera – understanding what all of the modes, dials, buttons and settings are used for

  • Learning to see light, capturing the “moment” and angles of view

  • How to get a proper exposure for the scene you’re photographing

  • How different lenses can enhance your images

  • Using your camera’s built-in flash or an accessory flash to take well lit photos

  • Workflow: using card readers, the importance of backing up your files, sharing photos wirelessly and online, and printing

  • A demo of Nikon View NX2 software

  • Video basics


Note: While bringing a camera is not required, many people find it helpful.