For iOS users only: When using the SnapBridge app and prompted to connect to Wi-Fi

Important supplemental information connecting to the camera’s WI-FI

#1: After pressing GO you will be directed to the next screen

#2: Click on settings to go to Wi-Fi settings

#3: Select Wi-Fi

#4: Select your KeyMission camera

#5: Enter default password NikonKeyMission (case sensitive)

We recommend that you change the password to a personal one. In the camera go to: Wrench symbol> Camera settings>Network Menu> Wi-Fi>Network Settings>Password

IMPORTANT: Connecting KeyMission 80 camera to the SnapBridge app.

For set up information refer to the Quick Start Guide included with your camera as well as the reference manual which can be downloaded at

For help, contact Nikon Tech Support 1-800 NIKON US