Taking Great Portraits with COOLPIX Cameras

Smart Portrait System and Glamour Retouch make it easy

Glamour Retouch – View the video to see the various options available in the Glamour Retouch function of select COOLPIX cameras. (2:12)
[Note: there is no audio instruction in this video].

Nikon COOLPIX cameras make taking great pictures almost foolproof. And it is even easier to capture great portraits—and enhance them in the camera—without the need to use photo-editing software on a computer.

Smart Portrait System

The Smart Portrait System [check your camera’s manual to see exactly what your model camera can do] incorporates a variety of features that will help you take great portrait photos of your subjects. The cameras can detect faces in your shot, making sure they’re sharp, fix red-eye in-camera, smooth their skin, snap the shot when your subjects smile, and even let you know if they blinked.

You can find the Smart Portrait mode in the shooting mode. Enter Shooting Mode > Smart Portrait

Smart Portrait System Options:

  • Blink Proof: When using this feature, the camera detects that a human subject may have closed their eyes immediately after it recognizes the face. When this happens, the "Did someone blink?" screen will be displayed on the monitor to check the picture taken.

  • Smile Timer: When the camera detects a smiling face, it will automatically snap an image, without the need for you to press the shutter-release button.

  • Skin Softening: Smoothen the skin tones of your portrait subject for a more flattering image.

Glamour Retouch

If you think the Smart Portrait System is cool, wait till you check out Glamour Retouch [again, check your camera’s manual to see exactly what features your model camera has]. No more worries about leaving the house without make-up—simply add a little mascara or a lot, choose one of four shades of eye shadow, add one of four colors of lipstick or just add a little red color to your subject’s cheeks. Tell your friends not to worry about letting you take photos of them even if they stayed out too late the night before because you can hide their eye bags and whiten the whites of their eyes.

You can find the Glamour Retouch in the Playback menu.

Glamour Retouch Options:

  • Glamour Retouch: Mascara – allows you to choose one of five selectable types—natural, volume, long, upper and bottom (natural), and upper and bottom (volume)—to enhance your portrait subject.

  • Glamour Retouch: Lipstick – allows you to select one of four colors—red, pink, beige and orange—to enhance your portrait subject.

  • Glamour Retouch: Eye Shadow – allows you to select one of four colors—purple, pink, brown and green—to enhance your portrait subject.

  • Glamour Retouch: Brighten Face – Powder – which makes your portrait subject's skin tone brighter.

  • Glamour Retouch: Glare Reduction – which reduces glare visible on a portrait subject's face.

  • Glamour Retouch: Small Face – allows you to make your portrait subject’s face look smaller.

  • Glamour Retouch: Hide Eye Bags – which makes dark circles under eyes look less conspicuous.

  • Glamour Retouch: Redden Cheeks – allows you to redden a portrait subject’s cheeks using one of four selectable colors: red, pink (bluish), pink (yellowish) and orange.

  • Glamour Retouch: Whiten Teeth – which allows you to whiten the teeth of your portrait subject.

  • Glamour Retouch: Whiten Eyes – which makes the white part of a portrait subject's eyes whiter.

  • Glamour Retouch: Brighten Faces – which lets you brighten the skin tone of your subject’s face.

  • Glamour Retouch: Big Eyes – which lets you make your subject’s eyes look bigger.

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