Smart Portrait System


Nikon’s Smart Portrait System incorporates into COOLPIX cameras a series of automatic functions, including In-Camera Red-Eye Fix™, Improved Face-Priority AF, Face Priority AE, Smile Mode, Blink Warning, Skin Softening and D-Lighting.

Red-eye Fix. All COOLPIX cameras offer advanced red-eye reduction capability. When set, the in-camera Red-Eye Fix automatically analyzes the captured image for the presence of red-eye and corrects it before saving the image to memory, so you may never see red eyes again.

Face-Priority AF. Available in all COOLPIX models, Face-Priority AF automatically detects a person’s face at typical portrait-taking distances, then activates the camera's autofocus to focus upon the face area. When the camera's Portrait Mode is selected, Face-Priority is automatically activated. A special digital detection program will scan for facial details and then control autofocus operation based on the location of the detected face in the scene. Even if the subject moves, or if you recompose the picture, Face-Priority AF will respond to keep the point of focus on the subject’s face. (When there are two or three people in the scene, Face-priority AF will operate using closest subject priority.) The technology of Face-Priority AF is based on the detection of facial characteristics and general scene arrangement; the technology can also detect when the camera is held for vertical or horizontal composition. The only requirement is that the person be facing the camera.

Smile Mode, Blink Warning. Smile Mode automatically fires the shutter when the selected subject smiles; in this mode, the camera will essentially wait to fire until it detects a smile. Blink Warning displays a warning message when it detects that the subject has blinked as the photo was taken, allowing you to immediately retake the shot—without waiting to check the photo. In both cases, the camera's computer accesses a database of facial characteristics to determine the presence of these reactions. Blink Proof is a new addition to Smile Mode options. When it's selected, the camera will detect the face of a portrait subject and automatically take two sequential shots when the subject smiles, then save the image in which the subject’s eyes are open.

D-Lighting. When set, D-Lighting rescues underexposed images or shots taken with excessive backlight by adding light and detail where necessary while leaving correctly-exposed areas untouched. As a result, images are significantly improved in a much more natural-looking manner. After D-Lighting is applied to an image, the modified image is saved to the memory card, leaving the original image untouched.

Skin Softening. Skin Softening leverages built-in face-detection technology to ensure smooth skin tone on the face of your subjects, and can be applied in a choice of three adjustment levels to optimize results to your liking.

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