Easy Panorama Mode


A brand new mode incorporated into select COOLPIX digital cameras, the Easy Panorama mode combines multiple shots into a seamless 180- or 360-degree panoramic picture. Simply move the camera as you shoot and let the camera combine the shots for you.

To create a panoramic image using the Easy Panorama mode, you begin by choosing Normal (180º) or Wide (360º). You then frame the first portion of the panorama scene, using the framing guide displayed on the monitor. Once the focus is set, you move the camera straight and slowly in one of the four directions to start shooting. When the camera detects the panorama direction, the shooting starts. The guide at the bottom of the display shows the current shooting point. When the guide reaches the end, the shooting ends. You have about 15 seconds to move the camera when shooting a Normal (180º) panorama, and about 30 seconds to move the camera when shooting aWide (360º) panorama.

When viewing the picture taken with the Easy Panorama in full-frame playback mode, the picture fills the entire screen and the camera scrolls the picture automatically.

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