Through the Eyes of a Child

The world as seen though children's photos


Looking at the world through the eyes of a child, you are exposed to the unique viewpoints they often have of their world—which can be vastly different from the way adults see their world.

Viewing the things that are important to our children through their photographs can be eye opening—from favorite teddy bears or dolls to siblings and pets—we can learn so much. Selfies (self-portraits) and pictures of sisters and brothers, photos of pets and the world around them, photos taken by children show their personalities shining through.

With the arrival of Spring (on March 20), and the warmer temperatures that the season brings, it's a great time to go outside with your kids to photograph the world around them. Helping a child explore their world through photography is a wonderful idea.

"Selfies" (This is me)

Furry friends

People I love

Things I love

Things I See

5 Tips to Help Kids Take Great Photos

  1. Carefully frame your picture. This is very important when you are taking a portrait—a picture of a person. You don’t want to cut off someone’s head or feet. Make sure you see exactly what you want to photograph in the LCD of the camera before you snap the picture.

  2. When taking pictures, remember to stand as still as possible. Even moving a little can cause images to appear fuzzy or blurry.

  3. Take a “selfie” or self-portrait. The easiest way to do this is to turn the camera around so it is facing yourself, and hold it out at arm’s length and press the shutter button.

  4. Try some of the special effects that your camera has. Most digital cameras can take Black & White pictures in addition to color. Some of them even let you add cool borders to your photos.

  5. Shoot some video. Most of today’s digital cameras also capture video so you can catch your friends in motion on their bicycles or of your dog running around the yard. You can play the video back on the camera, or have your parents help you connect the camera to a computer or TV to share your videos and photos with everyone.

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