Jerry Ghionis, what is your KeyMission?

Capturing key moments of a wedding and everyone's reactions


Photographing a wedding with the KeyMission 360 camera would, no doubt, revolutionize the way a wedding is captured. I think that the KeyMission 360 camera's biggest genius is its ability to capture fully everything it sees in 360°.

I see it working so well during certain key moments in the day. For example, setting it up during the ceremony so that it is positioned between the couple at the front of the ceremony and the guests would be a great way to capture the moment and key reactions.

I'm also excited about using it while speeches are being presented at the reception. You'd be able to allow the viewer to choose where they want to look: at the groom while he is talking about his love for the bride or at all of the guests' reactions to the groom's speech.

It will also work brilliantly in the middle of the dance floor as the viewer gets to choose whether they want to look at the bride and groom's first dance, or the family and bridal party's reaction to it.

On a side note, this will be an incredible tool for teaching purposes as well. I can see myself mounting it to the hot shoe on my camera. That way a student of photography would get to see the way the photographer interacts with their subjects, see the expressions, the quality of light in any situation and also see the subjects in front of the camera as well.

From a purely personal perspective, I have been brainstorming some ideas and I'm really looking forward to creating a short feature that will become a choose-your-own adventure type of interactive film!

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