Elijah Wood, what is Your KeyMission?

Bringing a drummer’s on-stage perspective to the world


I'm very excited to get my hands on the new KeyMission 360 action camera because I can shoot extremely high quality immersive footage of what it's actually like to be in my position on stage. This quality is synonymous with the Nikon brand so I have no doubt this camera will be the best in the space.

I used a standard video camera on the Shania tour, and I had to put quite a few of them up on my drum kit to get any sort of immersive perspective. With the 360 camera, I'll have the ability to expand my world rather than be limited to a confined viewpoint of a traditional camera. This opens up a whole new realm of possibilities.

With editing, I can direct what the viewers will see and that's where another aspect of this camera comes into play. With a traditional camera, I'm limited with post production editing: I can't move in and zoom around the frame a lot without destroying the image quality. However, with this new camera, I can not only go super wide but I can now digitally move the camera in a really creative and animated way. Thus immersing the viewer in my live experience.

Video is something l’ve had with me ever since I first started playing the drums when I was seven. The moment I felt confident enough to show people what I could do, I asked my parents to get me a camera. I think I still have my first edited video of me playing drums when I was ten years old—this started my burning passion for videography. From then on, I never thought other people could capture my perspective as well as I could. Of course I'm biased, but I have the best view in the house. It's like being in the driver's seat. With the 360 camera, I can capture that and more.

My master plan with this camera is to set it on my kit first and then move it around the stage over the course of the tour. If the video is edited properly and I make sure I don’t include inconsistencies between venues, it can look like there were a lot of cameras on stage. I'll be dealing with not just one perspective, but ten, twenty, or more on stage. Another facet of this is showing the progression of tour over time.

I've seen a lot of concert videos and l’ve seen what everybody else does. The look is very consistent and more or less bland, but with the KeyMission 360 action camera you finally can get away from that. You can add another dimension of immersion, just as if the viewer were sitting on stage.

Not many people can go up and play on stage in front of 20,000 people, but with this technology I can bring people into my world.

Born into a musical family that included a concert pianist, a vocalist and a violinist, Elijah Wood was house drummer for the ninth, tenth and eleventh seasons of America's Got Talent and, at 19, was the youngest member of Shania Twain's 2015 Rock This Country tour.

Elijah is currently on tour with Kaya Stewart.


Check out Elijah’s website at where you can find out more about him and view videos of Elijah in action.

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