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Masterpieces in motion

From home movies to cinematic masterpieces, DSLR cameras and their wide selection of interchangeable lenses put amazing creative tools into the hands of amateur and pro filmmakers alike. Every Nikkor lens optimized for video offers a unique way of telling a story and interpreting a scene with outstanding depth-of-field and fast, quiet operation.

Recommended Lenses

Characteristics of a DSLR Video Lens

A videographer records a man playing an accoustic guitar

Quiet focusing

With quieter motors designed for video, focusing noises are greatly reduced to keep quiet scenes disruption-free.

A close up of a pastry with white glazing being poured on top

Photo-like depth

Fast prime lenses (f/1.4 or f/1.8) give shots stunning depth where backgrounds softly blur to isolate your subject.

A father takes a photo of his children in the yard

Vibration Reduction

If you plan on shooting documentary-style, where a tripod setup may be too restricting, VR is a must.

Headshot of Mark Cruz
One of the biggest advantages of shooting video with a DSLR camera is the great lens selection available to shoot with.

– Mark Cruz, Sr. Manager, Product DCIL

Prime vs. Zoom

Product grouping of NIKKOR Prime Lenses
Prime Lenses
…are usually compact and easy to carry
…great in low light scenarios for use with natural light
…offer the largest apertures for softer backgrounds
Product grouping of NIKKOR Zoom Lenses
Zoom Lenses
…are great for establishing, mid-range and close-up shots all in one lens
…let you zoom without moving your feet
…typically offer Vibration Reduction (VR)

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