Ultimate lighting control is yours.

When you’re ready to differentiate your photos, Nikon Speedlights capture your imagination with limitless light sculpting potential and workhorse performance. Make subjects stand out, enhance natural and available light, and add artistry and drama to any scene. The world of light is yours to explore and control with Nikon’s Creative Lighting System, complete with accessory flashes, engineered and optimized specifically for your Nikon camera.

Flash Photography for Beginners

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Nikon Speedlights can pivot, rotate and even be positioned off-camera, allowing light direction and intensity to be completely controlled.

Greater Distance

External flashes can illuminate subjects up to 98* feet away, nearly 3 times further than your camera’s built-in flash.

*When using SB-5000 with Radio Control

Creative Possibility

Manipulate the color, shape and texture of light to create dramatic moods and unique special effects to take your photos to amazing new places.

Nikon Speedlights

Speedlight Commanders,
Controllers and Systems

Advanced Speedlights and accessories for multi-flash control and communication and specialized flashtechniques like macro photography.

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Popular Speedlight Accessories

WR-R10/WR-A10/WR-T10 Wireless Remote Adapter Set

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SC-28 TTL Coiled Remote Cord

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AS-15 Sync Terminal Adapter

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SD-9 High Performance Battery Pack

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Masterfully engineered for seamless operation and compatibility with Nikon cameras and lenses.