Tips & techniques

When to use Normal or Active mode

Some VR lenses employ Active mode in addition to Normal mode. Active mode is effective in situations when camera shake is likely to occur, or when stable camera holding cannot be ensured. Select the appropriate mode according to each shooting scene by referring to the following points.

Normal mode

This mode can be used for most general scenes. Image blur caused by camera shake in captured images as well as viewfinder images is effectively reduced. Camera shake is differentiated from intentional movement such as composition change, and compensated. Panning detection function is included to provide panning shots reliably without switching the mode. (For details, refer to "Panning shots using Normal mode".)

Refer to "VR mode options:Normal mod"

Active mode

This mode effectively compensates image blur caused when shooting from a moving vehicle, or some other unstable position, providing stable viewfinder images and blur-corrected captured images.

Refer to "VR mode options:Active mode"