Nikon Pronea S SLR

    Nikon Pronea S overview

    The Pronea S film camera from Nikon includes all the technology of a serious camera and tempers it with the spontaneity of a point and shoot model!

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    Nikon Pronea S camera & features

    The Pronea S is a compact and lightweight camera. It weighs less than 15 oz. together with a 30 / 60 Nikkor lens, batteries and film. The Pronea S SLR is also full of sophisticated features including: 

    - Versatile Exposure Control including: Easy Auto, General Purpose Program, Portrait Program, Landscape Program, Close-Up Program, Night Scene Program, Program, Shutter Priority and Aperture Priority all for creative flexibility.

    - Auto Servo / Auto Focus: The Pronea S senses a moving subject and activates Focus Tracking automatically

    - Shutter Speed Range: >From 30 seconds to 1/2000 of a second

    - Advanced Photo System Benefits: Drop-in Loading, Mid Roll Change, PQI, Three Print Formats and Title Imprint

    - Illuminator for Low Light: The Pronea S has a built-in AF Illuminator for when the light is really low

    Lastly, the Pronea S has a Nikon F lens mount that accepts IX Nikkor, AF Nikkor and AF-S Nikkor lenses.

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