Nikon Podcast #4: New Products Extended Session

00:00 Mark Ellwood introduces the extended session where he and Steve will cover, in more detail, Nikon's new D-SLR announcements.

01:00 Steve gives a solid overview of the D3's major features.

2:00 Mark and Steve goes over the advantages and differences between the D3 & D300.

3:00 Mark asks Steve to really explain how Nikon was able to achieve such wide ISO sensitivity ranges and extremely fast shutter speed in the D3.

7:00 Steve explains the concept behind the new Nikon Expeed image processing engine and the great things it does across Nikon's new line of products.

8:00 Mark and Steve go through the re-vamped Picture Control System that is in both cameras (D3 & D300).

10:00 Steve describes what the new Auto-Focus system in the D3 and D300 mean for the photographer.

11:00 Scene Recognition System, being a new technology, is explained by Steve.

15:00 After talking about the Virtual Horizon Indicator, Steve and Mark go in detail about Nikon's Live View modes.

18:00 More of the D3 & D300's in-camera revolutions. Steve describes Active D-Lighting levels adjustments.

20:00 Mark touches on one of the most important aspects of the camera, the Nikon ergonomics of their D-SLR cameras

25:00 Steve and Mark close this session by covering all of the five new lenses that Nikon introduced for the D3.