Nikon Podcast #4: New Products

0:00 Host Mark Ellwood greets the audience and covers the topics he's done podcasts for previously.

01:00 Mark mentions this podcast's topic of covering Nikon's recent new product announcements. Steve gives a rundown of all the different products announced.

2:00 Steve Heiner, Senior Technical Manager @ Nikon, Inc., talks about the announcement press conference in Japan and the media they brought over.

3:00 Steve and Mark discuss the evolution of Nikon's D-SLR cameras to the most recent D3 and what this new technology brings to the table.

7:00 Mark asks Steve about the top five things people should know about the D3.

8:00 Steve goes over some practical uses for Live View and why it's important to have.

10:00 Mark introduces and Steve explains Nikon's new Expeed processing engine.

11:00 With the advent of Nikon's FX format, Steve and Mark discuss the differences between FX and DX formats.

15:00 Basic overview of the D300 as well as its similarities and differences from the D3.

18:00 Steve and Mark talk about the new COOLPIX announcements and some of the great technology behind them, such as VR, Wi-Fi and face detection.

20:00 Steve covers the stand-out products from this new line of COOLPIX cameras and gets into detail with their features for Mark.

23:00 Mark is pretty excited about the sharing features behind the COOLPIX cameras and Steve goes into detail about Nikon's my Picturetown service before closing this session's podcast with a heads-up about Nikon's Digital Learning Center on Flickr.