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Acclaimed pro sports photographer Rod Mar teaches the secrets of dynamic action photography.

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Skill Level: Intermediate

Meet Your

Rod Mar

Rod Mar is a sports fanatic who dreamed about becoming a professional athlete, before landing on a career as a sports photographer. In a career spanning more than 25 years, Rod has shot at some of the biggest sporting events in the world, and is currently the in-house photographer for a major Seattle-based football team.

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  • 21 Immersive video lessons

  • Over 2.5 hours of instruction, insights and hands-on demonstrations

  • Exclusive Downloads

    Rod’s gear list and more.

  • Audio-only versions included

    Some lessons not available in audio-only format.

  • 24/7 Access from your computer, smartphone or tablet so you can learn at your own pace

    Internet connection required. Additional data costs may apply.


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With 22 players on the pitch, all fighting for the ball, soccer is one of the most challenging sports to photograph, but great images are there for the taking.


Course Overview

A quick introduction to the course presented by your mentor, award-winning sports photographer Rod Mar.

Audio-only version included.


Meet Your Mentor

Discover how Rod went from being a sports-mad kid to a professional photographer.

Audio-only version included.


Style and Approach

A pro sports photographer might shoot thousands of frames during a game. Rod explains why his goal, every time, is to come away with one, great, photo.

Audio-only version included.



Your gear should be tailored to your needs, your budget, and to the sports you want to photograph. And as Rod likes to say—the most important piece of gear you own is your brain.

Audio-only version included.


Camera Settings

Every sport presents unique opportunities for photography, but whatever you’re shooting, understanding the interplay of shutter speed, aperture and ISO is crucial to success.

Audio-only version included.



From camera positioning to considering what’s in the background, Rod provides his tips for taking successful photos of football—one of the fastest-moving, most dynamic sports to shoot.

Audio-only version included.


Live Shoot: Football (Part 1)

Rod talks through some common plays in football, and gives his recommendations for how to capture the peak action, play-by-play.


Live Shoot: Football (Part 2)

Having both eyes open, and the right lenses ready to shoot, can make the difference between getting the shot, or missing it.



With 22 players on the pitch, all fighting for the ball, soccer is one of the most challenging sports to photograph, but great images are there for the taking.

Audio-only version included.


Live Shoot: Soccer

With a game like soccer, where relatively few goals are scored, Rod explains why capturing “the human element” is crucial for successful photos.


Baseball and Softball

In baseball and softball, finding the right positioning is key—for both players and photographers.

Audio-only version included.


Live Shoot: Baseball and Softball

Anticipating the action is crucial, but just as important is capturing the reactions and interactions of players on the field.



Compared to a lot of sports, basketball is relatively accessible, and offers a lot of creative possibilities to photographers.

Audio-only version included.


Live Shoot: Basketball (Part 1)

Basketball is a “vertical” game, and the small indoor courts mean that great photos are within reach.


Live Shoot: Basketball (Part 2)

Basketball presents a lot of opportunities for storytelling—and don#146;t forget to include the court-side action!


Other Sports

Rod gives his tips for shooting a variety of other sports, including track and field, tennis and volleyball.

Audio-only version included.



Portraiture is all about capturing the essence of an athlete, and making a connection with the viewer.

Audio-only version included.


Live Shoot: Portraits

Unlike live sports, portraiture lets you slow down and take control over lighting and framing. Don’t be afraid to experiment.


The Business of Sports Photography

Imagery is everywhere, and demand for photography has never been higher. Whether or not you want to become a professional, there is a market out there for your work.

Audio-only version included.


Rod’s Philosophy

How to stay inspired, avoid burnout, and set yourself up for success.

Audio-only version included.


Final Thoughts

Rod gives his thoughts on teamwork, dealing with pressure, and learning from failure.

Audio-only version included.


Free Tips


What is Nikon Mentors?

Nikon Mentors is a series of easy to follow, online video courses, audio files and downloadable resources. Watch at your own pace as your Mentor guides you through step-by-step instruction with tips and demos to help you become a more skilled photographer in your field while teaching you the business side of the industry.

Who is this course for?

This course is especially valuable for photographers interested in pursuing a career in sports photography, but it’s also great for anyone interested in creating dynamic action and portrait photos.

How long is this course?

In total, the videos contained in this course comprise over 2.5 hours of instruction. They can be watched in any order at your own pace.

Do I need specific photography equipment?

We recommend telephoto zoom lenses for sports (up to or exceeding 200mm equivalent if possible, depending on the sport), but these lessons and insights are applicable to photographers using a range of equipment.

Can I learn at my own pace?

Yes! Watch and rewatch the videos as many times as you need, at your own pace, whenever it’s most convenient for you.

Can I access the course from my smartphone?

Yes! You can stream video and audio files plus download printable resources anytime, anywhere using a smartphone, tablet or computer. Internet connection required. Additional data costs may apply.

How long will I have access?

You will have access for as long as the course is available from Nikon USA. (Expected expiration: March 2028)

May I share the course with someone?

No, the course can only be accessed by the purchaser through their valid Nikon USA account.

How do I access the course after I purchase it.

You’ll receive an email with a code to redeem. Follow the link in that email to to redeem your code and view the course. Then anytime you want to view portions of the course, simply return to on your phone, tablet or computer and sign in.

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