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Tips & Techniques


Tips & Techniques

Flash Points: The Control of Light

Color temperature, rear sync, slow sync: Three key elements in flash photography.


Tips & Techniques

Creatively Photographing Objects Up Close

The idea that less is more can be applied to the subject matter in your photos.


Tips & Techniques

Capturing or Freezing Motion in Photos

Learn how to freeze the motion in an action scene or capture a blur to show movement.


Tips & Techniques

Capture NX 2: Lesson 9

Find out how to brighten up the dark edges of an image caused by vignetting.


Tips & Techniques

Capture NX 2: Lesson 8

Master your use of Black and White Control Points to bring out the details in the shadows and highlights.


Tips & Techniques

Capture NX 2: Lesson 6

Discover how to make the colors in a landscape more vivid.


Tips & Techniques

Capture NX 2: Lesson 5

Learn how to quickly adjust the brightness and vividness in an image.


Tips & Techniques

Capture NX 2: Lesson 4

Discover how to quickly sharpen the eyes of a portrait subject.


Tips & Techniques

Capture NX 2: Lesson 3

Find out how to remove specks of dust on an image, with naturally looking results.


Tips & Techniques

Capture NX 2: Lesson 2

Master the technique of brightening up a photo with D-Lighting.


Tips & Techniques

Capture NX 2: Lesson 10

Discover the time-saver of batch processing a group of your images.


Tips & Techniques

Capture NX 2: Lesson 1

Learn how to change the color of one area of an image while keeping the rest of the image unaffected.