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Tips & Techniques


Tips & Techniques

How to Use the Selfie Mode in the Z 30 Mirrorless Camera

Use the Self Portrait mode when taking photos or videos of yourself


Tips & Techniques

How to Connect the Z 30 to Smartphones, Tablets or Computers

Connect your Z 30 wirelessly or using cables to a variety of devices to download or view photos and videos


Tips & Techniques

Eye Contact: The Art and Craft of the Wildlife Portrait

Gillian Overholser discusses composition and creating portraits of wildlife


Tips & Techniques

The Big Reveal: How the Power of Emotion Creates Compelling Images of Nature

Kristi Odom creates stunning wildlife images and video


Tips & Techniques

Macro Water Drop Photography

Creating macro photographs of water drops and splashes


Tips & Techniques

How to Photograph Macro Bubbles

Creating bubbles by mixing water and oil as a macro photography subject


Tips & Techniques

Photographing Lightning Bolts with the Z 9 Pre-Release Burst Mode

Discovering a unique way of using one feature of the Z 9's firmware 2.0


Tips & Techniques

Video Game Changer: Elevating the Z 9 with Internal RAW Recording

Anthony Arendt shows how firmware 2.0 for the Z 9 takes video to a whole new level


Tips & Techniques

Time Lapse Tips and Tricks Using Nikon Mirrorless Cameras

Learn how to create time lapse videos using a Nikon mirrorless camera


Tips & Techniques

How to Choose Your Next Mirrorless Lens

Affordable lens options for your Nikon mirrorless camera


Tips & Techniques

Want to Get the Most From Your Hi-Res Cameras? Just Remember the Basics

Photographer Reed Hoffmann's tips for shooting with high megapixel cameras


Tips & Techniques

The Z 9 Pre-Release Burst Advantage

Advantages of the Z 9 Pre-Release Burst mode in photographing birds and wildlife