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Tips & Techniques


Tips & Techniques

Do a Test Run for Important Portrait Shoots

Dave Black discusses setting up shoots in advance


Tips & Techniques

My Lens Choices for Weddings

Jerry Ghionis discusses his favorite lenses for wedding photography


Tips & Techniques

Using Shadows for Dimension in Photographs

Joe McNally explains how shadows add dimension


Tips & Techniques

Backgrounds in Wildlife Photography

Ron Magill shares a tip for photographing wildlife


Tips & Techniques

Have Fun Shooting Selfies (Self-Portrait) Photos

Tips and tricks for taking great Selfies


Tips & Techniques

Setting up the D4S/D4 and WT-5 for Networking: HTTP Mode or FTP Server

Video tutorial on setting up the D4S/D4 and WT-5 for networking continued


Tips & Techniques

Setting Up Your D4S or D4 DSLR for Networking with the WT-5

Video tutorial on setting up the D4S and WT-5A for wireless networking


Tips & Techniques

Bright Ideas: Tips and Techniques for Photographing Jewelry

Jody Dole on photographing jewelry


Tips & Techniques

10 Tips on How To Leverage Social Media in Your Photography Business

Dixie Dixon on leveraging social media for your photography business


Tips & Techniques

How to Create a Behind the Scenes Video for your Photography Business

Creating a BTS video with Dixie Dixon


Tips & Techniques

7 Tips & Tricks to Taking Better Wedding Photographs

Joe McNally on how to take better wedding portraits


Tips & Techniques

One Shot: On the Beach

Deborah Sandidge on shooting crashing ocean waves