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Ideas & Inspiration


Ideas & Inspiration

Effects of Climate Change on Glaciers Through Time-Lapse

Jim Balog documents melting glaciers around the globe through time-lapse imagery


Ideas & Inspiration

The Inspired Image

Communication is key for Dixie Dixon in creating stunning images


Ideas & Inspiration

Strategy Sessions

Doug Gordon on wedding photography


Ideas & Inspiration

New Tricks

Time to get moving with Lindsay Silverman


Ideas & Inspiration

Underwater Photography

Tips for getting started shooting underwater with David Doubilet


Ideas & Inspiration

The Stories that Can be Told Through Photography

Commercial photographer Arthur Meyerson likes his photos to say the most with the least.


Ideas & Inspiration

Capturing the Essence of an Athlete in Photographs

Although many photographers look for the perfect moment, what Dave Black is after is the essence of the athlete.


Ideas & Inspiration

Balancing Photo Exposures with Nikon's Active D-Lighting

Bring light to the shadows with Nikon's Active D-Lighting


Ideas & Inspiration

Preservation and Protection of Wildlife Through Photography

Photographer Moose Peterson's respect for wildlife and the natural world is evident in the way he approaches his work.


Ideas & Inspiration

Tips for Shooting Sports

Sports shooter Bill Sallaz knows what he wants and where to stand in order to get it


Ideas & Inspiration

Outdoor Pursuit

Bill Hatcher photographs the impossible—well, let's say the extremely difficult.


Ideas & Inspiration

Photographing People Using Wireless Lighting Techniques

Tom Bol's images inspire new ways of taking a portrait photo.