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Doug Gordon

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Doug Gordon is an award-winning photographer/visual storyteller, teacher, mentor and internationally acclaimed author of instructional materials for professional photographers. Doug’s vision has helped to shape the memories of thousands of brides and grooms.

Doug grew-up on Long Island, NY where his parents owned and operated a portrait and wedding photography studio business. At 11 years old, Doug began shadowing his father as his assistant at weddings, thus beginning Doug’s photographic apprenticeship and his fondness for the joy and inspiration shared by so many brides, grooms and their families. Five years later, at the age of 16 Doug shot his first wedding, a life-changing experience that set his career in motion and which after more than 2 decades, is still going strong.

Doug’s business philosophy starts with first setting goals, then working hard and studying hard to transform those goals into reality. That personal work ethic eventually brought him to train with the legendary wedding photographer Monte Zucker who inspired him to master his craft even more than he had previously. His hard work, experience and goal setting began to pay dividends. Doug took over his parent's business, enabling them to retire while allowing him the opportunity to elevate his local family-business to new heights with few geographical boundaries.

Currently, Doug's busy studio photographs an average of 1,000 weddings per year as well as another 5,000 portraits ranging from schools to sports, newborns, boudoir and more. To ensure consistency, Doug produces the necessary training materials and he trains and manages a team of twenty-nine talented photographers, cinematographers and professional staff.

Doug remains a strong believer in paying it forward and continues to actively share the lessons he’s learned as a photographer and businessman. During the course of his career, Doug has earned recognition for his work by leading Industry publications and trade associations across the globe. He has received the Certified Professional Photographer and Craftsman Photographer titles from PPA, and is a member of SWPP in addition to PPA and WPPI. Doug has received numerous honors from WPPI including: the Accolade of Photographic Mastery, Accolade of Exceptional Photographic Achievement, Accolade of Outstanding Photographic Achievement, Accolade of Highest Photographic Achievement and Accolade of Lifetime Photographic Excellence. He regularly speaks at national and International conferences as well as offering professional workshops for pros. All are treasured, meaningful and important but none are as humbling as the International Photographic Council’s Leadership Award presented to Doug in 2011.

Doug and his own bride are happily married, shaping their own family memories for more than sixteen years. He and his wife have 2 lovable and inspiring children, 1 boy and 1 girl.

My photography represents my dreams and ambitions of what I want the world to be. I want to see love in everything I photograph.
Nikon Ambassador Doug Gordon portrait of a bride leaning on a colorful wall, looking down the wall to the camera

© Doug Gordon

Doug Gordon is a second generation wedding and portrait photographer. His studio describes the images they create as "personable and glamorous with a fashionably editorial twist."

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