Nikon is pleased to announce that a firmware upgrade for the D1X
and D1H models to Ver. 1.10 is available to enhance each camera’s performance for several points.
  If your D1X or D1H already has Ver. 1.10 firmware, which you can confirm on the rear monitor when viewing an image with data displayed, there is no need to submit the camera for firmware change. If your camera's firmware version is a number lower than 1.10, and you wish to have the firmware upgraded, please read the following information:

If you choose to have your camera's firmware upgraded to Version 1.10, the following describes a list of the new features that will be added to your camera.

1. Spanish language: added to menu selection

2. Menu colors: colors used for menu operations will be changed for easier viewing.

3. Improves compatibility of Color Mode II with Adobe Photoshop 7 and CS: changes settings to ensure that file will be recognized as an Adobe RGB file.

4. Compatibility with newest Lexar CompactFlash cards: takes advantage of Lexar's new faster write speed to achieve writing speeds up to 30% faster.

5. EXIF 2.2: upgraded for compatibility with the latest EXIF format standard

6. Battery check: indicator accuracy is enhanced

7. Capture software compatibility: added capability to operate with Capture upgrader added capability to operate with Capture upgrader (Capture upgrader is available for download, free for current owners of Version 4.0 and as a 30-day Trial version for all others).

To have this firmware applied to your D1X and D1H cameras, please follow the following procedures:

1. This upgrade is available exclusively for Nikon D1X and D1H that were supplied with the original Nikon Inc. warranty (copies and third party warranties are not accepted) and were purchased from an authorized Nikon Advanced Systems Dealer. Firmware upgrade is not available for D1.

2. For customers that will have the Buffer Memory upgrade installed, they must not install this Firmware Upgrade. For more detail, please refer to D1X Buffer Service Enhancement
Nikon Inc. has begun to accept D1H and D1X cameras for firmware upgrade at a special Upgrade Center Address. Please download a copy of the official packing list form for shipping address and instructions. Click here for download of packing list

3. Upgrade service is now available.

4. Firmware upgrade service is now available at Nikon's main service stations, located at Melville, New York and El Segundo, California. To minimize the turn around time for your camera's firmware upgrade, send your camera together with a copy of the official packing list (see download above) to the Nikon station nearest you. You may send cameras to these two service stations for firmware upgrades and also for other service requirements.

5. Authorized Repair Services (other than Nikon's own facilities at El Segundo and Melville) can provide repair service but CANNOT provide firmware upgrade service.

6. Cost for shipping to Nikon Inc. is customer's responsibility. Nikon will pay the return shipping cost.

If you decide to have your camera's firmware upgraded, and you are currently using certain versions of Nikon Capture and View software, there will be compatibility Issues that you should understand so that you can affirm your decision about the upgrade. The following information explains the compatibility issues.

Not all camera functions added with this firmware upgrade are supported under all versions of Nikon Capture and Nikon View. The features which could be affected are listed in the following chart which explains whether or not the feature is supported in each of the software versions. To identify the software version, start your software and then from the main menu bar access the Help/About information. The software's version number will be displayed.:

Table 1: Operations Supported in typical Combinations of Nikon Capture and Nikon View
Application Version        
Nikon Capture 2.0.2 or earlier 2.0.3 3.0.0 3.5 4.1
Nikon View 4.3.1 or earlier 5.1.3 5.1.3 5.1.4 6.2 & Picture Project
Transfer and display of RAW (NEF) images Not supported, RAW images will not be properly transferred to the computer and depending on your selected software preference setting the file could be lost Supported Supported Supported Supported
Support for Vignette Control (recording of lens information) Not supported Not supported Not supported Supported Supported
Support for Exif 2.2 (Exif Print) Not supported Exif 2.1 is used when RAW images are saved in JPEG or TIFF formats Exif 2.1 is used when RAW images are saved in JPEG or TIFF formats Supported Supported

Note: Other combinations of software versions may produce different results. Window's computer users, please take special note: after upgrading the camera's firmware, to effectively use all of the discussed features, users of Nikon View version 4.3.1 or earlier must upgrade to version 6.2, and users of Nikon Capture version 2.0.2 or earlier must upgrade to Nikon Capture version 3.5. Both software upgrade versions are available free of charge at: Mac computer users, please take note: users of Mac OS 8.6 or earlier must upgrade to Mac OS 9.0.4 or later.

Recently announced Nikon Capture 4, Version 4.1 supports EXIF version 2.2. Software for upgrading Nikon Capture 4 Version 4.0 to version 4.1 is scheduled to be available for free download from the above site. To use the upgrader to Version 4.1, your computer must already have Capture 4 Version 4.0 installed. Nikon Capture 2.0.3 and Nikon Capture 3.0 use EXIF version 2.1 when saving RAW images in JPEG (EXIF Format) or TIFF Format.