This information was originally provided for the D100 May, 2003. There have been many changes to software, firmware updating methods, and computer operating systems since this time, so some of the following information may not be applicable or useful with current computer products or software.
For example
: Current Nikon DSLR cameras may now be updated by the camera owner, at home, using a simple method. This upgrade requires sending the camera to a Nikon Service Facility.


Your camera's current version is displayed when viewing an image and you have selected the image data display. If Version 2.00 is displayed, there is no need for this upgrade. If an earlier (lower number) version is displayed, then please acquire the Version 2 upgrade service.
Please read the following for details about the firmware upgrade's added performance: (keep in mind that many of the references on this page are outdated and/or relate to specific products or product versions).

1. Remote control operation with Mac® computers: adds PTP protocol and enables D100 under the control of Nikon Capture Control* software to operate with Mac® computers that use OS 9.0.4 (requires CarbonLib Version 1.5 or later) OS 9.1.x, 10.1.5 and 10.2.x. Use of PTP protocol will also require Capture upgrade to version 3.5 or later; System compatibility with earlier Apple OS continues unchanged from original specifications, and D100 will continue to operate with Windows® systems according to original specifications.

2. Improves compatibility of Color Mode II with Adobe Photoshop 7 and CS: changes settings to ensure that file will be recognized as an Adobe RGB file.

3. Compatibility with newest Lexar CompactFlash cards: takes advantage of Lexar's new Write Acceleration Technology to achieve writing speeds up to 10% faster.

4. Easier organization of image and associated sound file: file names for the WAV files made with the MB-D100 will be formatted for easier identification and sorting with the associated image file.


This firmware upgrade will enhance the D100 camera's compatibility and together with Nikon Capture 4.1* will provide the highest performance. Please read the following for shipping instructions and details.

1. Click this link for Service Repair Information.

2. Firmware upgrade service is now available at Nikon's main service stations, located at Melville, New York and Los Angeles, California. To minimize the turn-around time for your camera's firmware upgrade, send your camera together with the printed form (or written information) from Step 1to the Nikon station nearest you.

3. Authorized Repair Services (other than Nikon's own facilities at Los Angeles and Melville) can provide repair service but CANNOT provide firmware upgrade service.

4. Cost for shipping to Nikon Inc. are customer's responsibility. Nikon will pay the return shipping cost. Nikon will endeavor to complete and return cameras as quickly as possible. Actual time for return will depend upon upgrade volume.

*- no longer available for purchase.

Thank you for choosing Nikon.