Landscape and Travel Photography

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Product Details

Bring home stunning landscape and travel photos.

For anyone who wants to take their landscape and travel DSLR photography to a higher level, both creatively and technically, this 3-Hour Nikon School class will put you on the path to success. Explore the different qualities of light and learn how to use light to your advantage. Find out what techniques and accessories will help you create more rewarding travel photographs on your trips and vacations—even get advice on planning for a trip and what to pack!
Nikon School: Educate and Inspire
Adam Woodworth photo of crashing surf on rocks, taken in low light
© Adam Woodworth

Take control of light

Take control of light in your photos with this informative 3-Hour Nikon School class. Learn about the different qualities of light—range, size, direction and color—and how they can all affect your image, then find out how to control and modify light for better photographs. Gain a strong understanding of dynamic range, when and how to use Polarizing and Neutral Density filters, composition "rules", using depth of field and different lenses and more.
Photo of a Nikon D7100 and ME-E mic on a tripod, on a mountaintop

Travel like a pro

Get advice for traveling successfully as a photographer, everything from planning for a trip to what to pack. Learn how to tell better stories with your travel photography—what types of things you can photograph to make your story complete, as well as creative shooting styles to add intrigue and variety.
Nikon School instructors, Reed Hoffmann, Michael Schwarz, Bob Pearson

Meet the Instructors

(left) Reed Hoffmann worked at newspapers for over 20 years, before leaving to focus on photography education and building a freelance business. Based in Kansas City, KS, he’s been teaching Nikon School since 2002 and has led over 70 hands-on photography workshops. (center) Michael A. Schwarz is a photographer and videographer based in Atlanta, GA. Over a 30-year career, he has completed more than 6,000 assignments for magazines and corporations around the world. Michael is a 3-time Pulitzer Prize nominee, has received numerous awards from the Pictures of the Year competition and was a winner of the Dag Hammarskjöld Award for Human Rights Advocacy Journalism. (right) Bob Pearson is a freelance photojournalist and photo instructor based near Denver, CO. Bob has nearly 40 years of newspaper and wire service experience, photographing and coordinating coverage of news and sports events around the world. His photos have been published in most major newspapers and magazines worldwide.
Photo of a lighthouse on a hill, in low light at night
© Scott Diussa

Spice up your stories

Explore Night Photography, High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography, Light Painting, Time Lapse and more.
Photo of a camera lens, Speedlight flash and WU wireless mobile adapter

Expand your capabilities

Find out what accessories will help you to create more rewarding Landscape and Travel photographs.

Nikon School Tip: Slow Shutter Speed

When shooting landscapes at dusk or nighttime, use a tripod and cable release or self-timer so you can slow down the shutter speed to let in more light. This is the technique used when you see pictures of car lights as lines, not pinpoints.

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