Action and People Photography

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Product Details

Take your action, sports, people and portrait DSLR photography to a higher level.

Improve your knowledge of action, sports, people and portrait photography, both creatively and technically, with this exciting 3-Hour Nikon School class. You’ll learn from professionals about important skills like anticipating action and reaction, overcoming poor lighting, choosing the right lens and camera settings for the moment, using light, background, depth of field and exposure to achieve optimal results and getting the most out of your DSLR equipment.
Nikon School: Educate and Inspire
Ben Olivares photo of dancers in colorful costumes, jumping in air
© Ben Olivares

Capture more amazing moments

Whether you're capturing action or a candid moment between friends or even a posed portrait, timing is everything. This exciting 3-Hour Nikon School class will give you the skills and techniques to catch more of those amazing moments.
Photo of Nikon D5300 D-SLR with lens, additional lens and flash grouped together

Master your tools

Learn about "fast" lenses and how they can make a difference to your photography, how to overcome poor light, which metering system is best for the type of action you're shooting, how to get the most out of autofocus, shooting in continous mode with fast media cards and useful camera settings for action and people photography.
Nikon School instructors, Reed Hoffmann, Michael Schwarz, Bob Pearson

Meet the Instructors

(left) Reed Hoffmann worked at newspapers for over 20 years, before leaving to focus on photography education and building a freelance business. Based in Kansas City, KS, he’s been teaching Nikon School since 2002 and has led over 70 hands-on photography workshops. (center) Michael A. Schwarz is a photographer and videographer based in Atlanta, GA. Over a 30-year career, he has completed more than 6,000 assignments for magazines and corporations around the world. Michael is a 3-time Pulitzer Prize nominee, has received numerous awards from the Pictures of the Year competition and was a winner of the Dag Hammarskjöld Award for Human Rights Advocacy Journalism. (right) Bob Pearson is a freelance photojournalist and photo instructor based near Denver, CO. Bob has nearly 40 years of newspaper and wire service experience, photographing and coordinating coverage of news and sports events around the world. His photos have been published in most major newspapers and magazines worldwide.
Mike Corrado photo of a bird in flight
© Mike Corrado

Learn the art of timing

Great action photographers have mastered the art of anticipating action and reaction. Learn how to improve your own skills.
Dixie Dixon photo of a couple amid a flurry of autumn leaves in the air around them.

Capture action and people

Learn how to shoot great portraits by using light, background, depth of field, lens choice and exposure along with some key camera settings.

Nikon School Tip: Freeze Sports Action

The key is using a high shutter speed. On compact cameras, use the sports scene mode. On a D-SLR, pick a high shutter speed of 1/500th of a second or above. This will freeze almost all action. If the light is low, adjust your ISO to a higher sensitivity (800-1600 ISO), which will allow you to select a faster shutter speed.

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