Nikon 100th Anniversary Premium Camera Strap Black

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  • Carefully crafted with premium Italian leather using artisanal techniques
  • Foil-stamped with the Nikon 100th anniversary logo and one of Nikon's iconic company logos
  • Lined with a soft suede-like material that won't fade

Product Details

Show off your Nikon pride.
A camera strap can say a lot about a photographer. It's a way to personalize your camera, to add your own style—to make a statement. The Nikon 100th Anniversary Premium Camera Strap lets you share in this historic event and show your Nikon pride. Crafted from premium Italian leather with artisanal techniques, it will age beautifully with use. On one end, it features the Nikon 100th anniversary logo; on the other, one of Nikon's iconic company logos—both stamped in silver foil. The inside is lined with a soft suede-like material that is comfortable on the neck and won't fade. Available in black.
Premium craftsmanship that gets more beautiful with time
Carefully crafted with artisanal techniques like bagged-edge sewing, this premium strap is sturdy without being bulky, and it will age beautifully as you use it.

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