SJ-1 Color Filter Set

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8 Color Gelatin filters (2 each) for color correction when using tungsten and fluorescent lights as well as for special effects. Optimized for use with D-SLR.
Especially useful where "white balance" can be controlled. For instance, when shooting with a flash under tungsten lights, the foreground will be white, but the background will still have a red cast.
The kit includes two FL-G1 (Fluorescent), two FL-G2 (Fluorescent), two TN-A1 (Tungsten), two TN-A2 (Tungsten), four Blue, two Yellow, four Red, two Amber filters and a filter case.
8 Color Gelatin filters (2 each) for color correcting Speedlight flash output when using tungsten and fluorescent lights as well as for special effects.
By using a tungsten filter, and setting the camera's white balance to tungsten, the flash output is converted to match the rest of the scene. The blue, yellow, red and amber filters can be used for creative lighting control, or to add dramatic colors to an image, especially when more than one flash is used.

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