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Key Features

The Sound Blimp can be used to reduce the shutter and zoom noise from the camera and lens when shooting concerts, plays, ballets or other performances where the noise from the camera would be distracting to the performers or audience.
The body cover is compatible with all Nikon DSLRs. When using the body cover and the lens cover together, IF (Internal Focusing) lenses must be used.
To use, secure the camera and lens in the Sound Blimp per the included directions, put your hands into the Blimp or lens sleeve to access the camera controls and lens barrel. A fastener on the bottom of the Blimp lets you mount the camera on a tripod.
The Sound Blimp is black in color, and made of Polyester, Nylon and Polyurethane. The weight is: body cover (approx. 820g), lens cover (approx. 250g), bag (approx. 80g).

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