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Session Two: Color, Light, Technology

Take your D-SLR photography to a higher level, both creatively and technically

Who should attend:

Folks who have a basic understanding of how their cameras work, and want to learn more about its capabilities; as well as those photographers who want to gain more control over their images.

What to expect:

You’ll learn the importance of the quality of light and how it relates to your images; as well as how to modify light for a great photograph. Creative control and what makes a powerful photograph will also be discussed.



Topics will include:

  • A better understanding of how the various qualities of light affect your subject and how to use it and control it

  • How to modify light, using reflectors, filters or diffusers

  • A more in depth coverage of Nikon’s iTTL system and CLS (Creative Lighting System) and learn how to add light, including a flash demo

  • Different photographic techniques and how using them can make more interesting photos

  • Using Picture Controls or software for more creative photographs

  • Editing photographs and how to make a good photo great during a demo of using Nikon Capture NX2 software

  • Turning bad weather into good pictures

  • Quick how-tos of fun techniques including HDR, light painting, time lapse and more


Note: While bringing a camera is not required, many people find it helpful.