Monarch M7

Iconic binoculars.
Better than ever.

The name Monarch has always been synonymous with optical excellence. Monarch M7 binoculars take that performance to a new level, pushing resolution, brightness and field of view even further. A wider field of view gathers more of the scene and more of what you’re out there to experience. An incredible Nikon optical system with ED glass and multilayer lens and prism coatings produces outstanding low-light capabilities, lifelike colors and extreme resolution at any distance. Long eye relief with turn-and-slide eyecups for easy adjustments, a locking diopter, a new oil and water repellent lens coating plus a waterproof, fogproof rubber-armored design and more make this next generation worthy of the Monarch name.

Composite photo showing four models of Monarch M7 binoculars

Two different objective sizes.
Two magnification options.

Monarch M7 binoculars are available with 42mm or 30mm objectives (front lenses) and 8x or 10x magnification. The 42mm models deliver the widest view, while the 30mm models are more compact.

Monarch M7

Monarch M7

Monarch M7

Monarch M7

Wider views.
Renowned Nikon optics.

Incredibly wide field of view.

Monarch M7 binoculars deliver an astoundingly wide field of view up to 435-ft. at 1000 yards (8x models). See more details and more of the scene, making it easier to locate your subject when spotting birds and wildlife amid trees and landscapes.

Photo of an osprey in air hovering over a nest

True colors.
Maximum resolution.

The roof prisms on Monarch M7 binoculars have a phase-corrected coating applied to prism surfaces for higher resolutions. This is a view you have to see to believe.

Photo of a woman holding a pair of Monarch M7 binoculars

Eco-friendly multilayer coating.

Applied to all lens and prism surfaces, a dielectric high-reflective multilayer prism coating ensures superior transmittance uniformity across the visible range, resulting in brighter images and more natural colors.

Close up of a lens element with drops on it

Non-stick coating for easy cleaning.

An oil and water repellent coating is applied to both the objective and eyepiece lenses. Simply wipe away moisture, fingerprints and smudges.

Close up of the front objective lenses of a pair of Monarch M7 binoculars

ED glass. The difference is clear.

Used in many premium Nikon optics, from camera lenses to spotting scopes, Nikon’s ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass virtually eliminates common distortion, chromatic aberrations and color fringing. The result? Clear high-resolution views in nearly any lighting condition.

Close up of the central focusing knob of a pair of Monarch M7 binoculars

Close, smooth focusing.

Get as close as 6.6-ft (30mm models) from your subject for striking high-detailed views. The large, smooth-spinning central focus knob makes it easy to precisely adjust focus.

Comfortable, intuitive operation.

Photo of a woman holding a pair of Monarch M7 binoculars in her hands

Leave your glasses on.

Nikon’s comfortable high-eyepoint design leaves sufficient space between your brow and the eyecups for a clear field of view, even when you’re wearing glasses.

Close up of the eyecups of a pair of Monarch M7 binoculars

Turn-and-slide rubber eyecups.

Convenient turn-and-slide operation makes it easy to get the durable rubber eyecups right where you want them for maximum comfort and field of view.

Photo of a pair of Monarch M7 binoculars and case on a green sleeping bag

Tough skinned.

An enhanced rubber-armored body provides non-slip grip and protection from bumps and bruises.

A pair of Nikon Monarch M7 binoculars on a rock, with splashes of water on the rock and binoculars

Waterproof and fogproof.

Nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed for fog-free performance. Keep your optics clear when you need them most.

Close up photo of the locking diopter of the Monarch M7 binoculars

Locking diopter adjustment.

Adjust for your vision—with or without glasses—then lock in the setting. A locking diopter knob is an exciting addition to Monarch M7 binoculars, a feature not previously available at this price point.

Photo of a person's torso wearing a backpack, holding a map with a pair of Monarch M7 binoculars in the bag

Compact and lightweight.

Starting at just 16.4 ounces (8x30 model), Monarch M7 binoculars are a compact, lightweight companion for adventures of any kind.