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Sunflower Photography Ideas

10 Ideas for Photographing Sunflowers and Sunflower Fields


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NIKKOR Z Mirrorless Macro Lenses


Tips & Techniques

Photographing Still Life Subjects using Flash

Utilizing Speedlights and the Auto FP High Speed Sync function


Tips & Techniques

Star Trails with the Nikon D780

Nikon's own Paul Van Allen explains how he created an image of star trails in the night sky over Zion National Park by adjusting shutter speeds using ...


Tips & Techniques

Tips for Shooting in Cold Weather


Tips & Techniques

How to Photograph the Milky Way

Astrophotography tips for shooting the Milky Way in the night sky from photographers including exposures and lightpainting.


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Photographing Meteors, Fireballs and Meteor Showers

Astrophotography has become more popular than ever and stars and the moon aren't the only celestial objects in the night sky that can be photographed....


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Creating Bokeh in a Photo with the AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G lens


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Live Image Control

Live Image Control lets you preview how certain settings will affect your final image


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How-To Take Great Photos at the Aquarium

Tips for photographing the fish and creatures that live under water


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Bokeh for Beginners

Have your subjects stand apart from the background with this easy technique


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Basic Underwater Photography Tips

5 tips to taking better photos under the sea