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New Tricks

Time to get moving with Lindsay Silverman


Tips & Techniques

Bokeh for Beginners

Have your subjects stand apart from the background with this easy technique


Tips & Techniques

Taking Better Photographs on the Water

Harbors, bays, oceans and rivers all have one thing in common—interesting and unique subjects to photograph.


Tips & Techniques

Getting Creative with Photos and Video

Tell better stories using the myriad of fun and artistic features built into Nikon digital cameras.


Tips & Techniques

Understanding Focal Length

Focal length, usually represented in millimeters (mm), is the basic description of a photographic lens.


Ideas & Inspiration

Macro Photography Tips: Photographing Insects and Other Small Creatures

A few quick tips on macro photography


Tips & Techniques

Photograph Family and Friends During the Holidays

The holidays are prime picture-taking time. Get some great tips on taking your best holiday photos ever.


Tips & Techniques

Flash Points: The Control of Light

Color temperature, rear sync, slow sync: Three key elements in flash photography.


Tips & Techniques

Taking Pictures of Fireworks

Learn how to get great fireworks shots this summer.


Tips & Techniques

Setting White Balance

How do I set my camera’s white balance for different lighting situations?


Products & Innovation

Prime Lenses

What is a prime lens? Well, it's a lens that isn't a zoom. A prime lens has a fixed focal length which means it has only one focal length.


Products & Innovation

Macro Lenses

Reproduce objects up to life size using a Nikon Micro-NIKKOR Lens