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Tips & Techniques


Tips & Techniques

Exposure Bracketing: The Creative Insurance Policy

Get creative with your photography by using this age-old technique.


Tips & Techniques

Taking Pictures of Fireworks

Learn how to get great fireworks shots this summer.


Tips & Techniques

Shooting a Rock Concert

Whether you're taking photos at a major rock concert or at your child's school performance, these tips will help.


Tips & Techniques

Zoo and Wildlife Photography

Spend a day at the zoo with wildlife photographer Julie Larsen Maher


Tips & Techniques

Taking Pictures at Dusk and at Night

How do I take pictures at dusk and at night?


Tips & Techniques

Taking Close-up Photos

How do I take close-up photos of flowers and small objects?


Tips & Techniques

Setting White Balance

How do I set my camera’s white balance for different lighting situations?


Tips & Techniques

Repeating Flash Lighting Technique

Joe McNally uses the technique of repeating flash to capture the grace of balletic movement.


Tips & Techniques

Preserve and Protect: Got a Backup Plan for Your Photos?

Don't lose those precious photos. Make sure you've got a backup plan.


Tips & Techniques

Learning How to Use Your Camera's Histogram

The histogram is a useful tool that analyzes tonal range and helps in creating a well-lit image.


Tips & Techniques

How to Read Your Camera Manual

Your camera manual, it's not a novel, so don't try reading it cover to cover.


Tips & Techniques

Getting the "Cool" Look

My daughter, Kiara, wanted some pictures of herself with her new guitar. She was looking for some “cool pictures that showed off the new guitar and di...