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Tips & Techniques


Tips & Techniques

Understanding Focal Length

Focal length, usually represented in millimeters (mm), is the basic description of a photographic lens.


Tips & Techniques

Tips for Photographing Mountains

Making the most of mountains in landscape photographs


Tips & Techniques

Shooting Abstract Photos that Make the Viewer Guess

Sometimes showing just a hint of your subject can be more compelling than showing the entire thing.


Tips & Techniques

Taking Better Pictures of Animals at the Zoo

You don't have to go on safari to make great photos of animals. A trip to the zoo is all it takes.


Tips & Techniques

Moose Peterson: How to Photograph Winter Landscapes

Exposing so the Snow’s White and Six Other Tips for Great Winter Landscapes


Tips & Techniques

Image Overlay: Combining Images Together In-Camera

Image Overlay lets you combine multiple images together in-camera


Tips & Techniques

How to Read Your NIKKOR Lens Barrel

Understanding what all of those markings and designations on your lens really mean.


Tips & Techniques

Photograph Family and Friends During the Holidays

The holidays are prime picture-taking time. Get some great tips on taking your best holiday photos ever.


Tips & Techniques

Getting Started: Memory Cards and Batteries

Take care of the little things, and you'll be ready for the big things.


Tips & Techniques

Getting Started: How to Hold Your DSLR Camera

Getting sharper, more in-focus pictures can be as simple as learning how to hold your camera.


Tips & Techniques

Getting Started: How to Change a DSLR Lens

Learn the steps to changing your camera's lens.


Tips & Techniques

Getting Creative with White Balance

Try getting creative with your camera's white balance for some interesting results.