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Tips & Techniques


Tips & Techniques

How to Photograph a Solar Eclipse

Learn about different types of solar eclipses and advanced astrophotography techniques needed to shoot solar eclipses from Mr. Eclipse, Fred Espenak.


Tips & Techniques

How to Photograph a Lunar Eclipse

Learn about different types of lunar eclipses and advanced astrophotography techniques needed to shoot lunar eclipses from Mr. Eclipse, Fred Espenak


Tips & Techniques

How-To Take Great Photos at the Aquarium

Tips for photographing the fish and creatures that live under water


Tips & Techniques

Geotagging: Do More with your Images and Videos

GPS, Geolocation and Geotagging


Tips & Techniques

Bokeh for Beginners

Have your subjects stand apart from the background with this easy technique


Tips & Techniques

Which NIKKOR Lens Type is Right for Your DSLR?

Learn what the different types of NIKKOR lenses are and which ones will work with your DSLR


Tips & Techniques

When to Use Graduated Neutral Density Filters

How to use a graduated neutral density filter to decrease extreme light to dark ratios in landscape photography.


Tips & Techniques

The Importance of Quality Audio Capture

Simple tips for photographers shooting HD video with Nikon D-SLRs.


Tips & Techniques

Taking Great Photographs at Airshows

Learn the "tricks of the trade" from Moose Peterson.


Tips & Techniques

Taking Better Photos of Your Kids at Play

Taking photos of your kids while at play make great images; next time you’re bringing them to the playground, don’t forget to bring your camera along.


Tips & Techniques

Taking Better Photographs on the Water

Harbors, bays, oceans and rivers all have one thing in common—interesting and unique subjects to photograph.


Tips & Techniques

Take Control of Color using Picture Controls

Diana Robinson gets the color she wants with Picture Controls in-camera and Capture NX2 during post production