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Tips & Techniques


Tips & Techniques

Want to Get Closer to Great Flower Photography? Look to Your Lenses.

Randy Ziegler shows that telephotos as well as macro lenses make for great flower photographs


Tips & Techniques

Using the NIKKOR Z 12-28mm Power Zoom Lens for Video and Vlogging

Learn about the versatility of a power zoom lens


Tips & Techniques

Thinking About a Move to Mirrorless? The Z 8 Just Might Be the Convincer.

Malike Sidibe on making the move from D850 to Z 8


Tips & Techniques

How to Connect the Z fc to Your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer

Multiple connectivity options provide a more flexible user experience


Tips & Techniques

How to Customize the i-Menu on the Z fc Mirrorless Camera

Set up your camera for the way you want to use it


Tips & Techniques

Vlogging and Remotely Controlling the Z fc

See how easy it is to vlog with the Z fc or remotely control the camera


Tips & Techniques

Made Any Video Portraits Lately? Here’s Why You Might Want To.

Kristi Odom showcases her "Video Portraits"


Tips & Techniques

Photographing the Great Migration

Tom Bol on photographing migrating wildebeest in Africa


Tips & Techniques

Why the Z 8 Was a Perfect Fit for a High-Pressure Shoot

Dixie Dixon on a fashion shoot with the hybrid Z 8 mirrorless camera


Tips & Techniques

Quick-Change Artist: Video or Stills, the Hybrid Z 8 Delivers Pro-Quality Imagery

Kristi Odom and the hybrid Z 8 in Yellowstone


Tips & Techniques

Getting Down to Elevating Your Bird Photography

Moose Peterson shares his panning technique for photographing shorebirds


Tips & Techniques

Smaller and Lighter is Just the Start of the Z 8's Benefits For a Pro Videographer

Sharrone Calafiore on using the Z 8 for wedding filmmaking