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Using the Fn Button on Your Nikon DSLR

How to Use the FN Button - Learn what customizing your DSLR via the Fn (Function) button can do for you.

Customize your shooting experience with the touch of a button when you set custom settings to work via the Fn (Function) button on your Nikon DSLR camera. Set up your camera so that some of your most used or favorite settings are selectable by pressing the Fn button on the front of the DSLR. Some Nikon DSLRs also let you set up other buttons as well as additional Fn buttons for even more versatility.

Favorites include My Menu, viewfinder grid display, bracketing burst function, playback and more.

Check your camera’s User’s Manual to see if your camera allows you to set the Fn button(s) and for additional details on how to do it.