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Using a Touchscreen LCD on a DSLR

DSLR Touchscreen Tips - See how easy shooting can be with a Nikon DSLR featuring a Touchscreen LCD.

Nikon DSLR cameras that utilize a Touchscreen LCD are practically as easy to use as a smartphone, and they provide the high quality images that you’re used to seeing from a DSLR.

Newer Nikon DSLR cameras have Touchscreen LCDs built-in, which means you can select settings on the LCD, even tap the LCD to focus and snap a picture and review your images in playback. Depending upon the model, you can also add effects right from the LCD.

Just as you do with a smartphone, swipe left to right to scroll through your images, view video and zoom in/out.

Check your camera’s User’s Manual to see if your DSLR camera features a Touchscreen LCD.

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