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Setting up the D4S/D4 and WT-5 for Networking: HTTP Mode or FTP Server

Video Tutorial: - Learn how to set up and use the wireless networking features of the D4/D4S for camera control and downloading images using HTTP mode or an FTP server.

Using the D4 or D4S and WT-5, you can connect the camera to an FTP Server or computer to transfer images. Once you’ve set up your WT-5 for Wi-Fi®, you can connect to an FTP server to download images from the camera or use the HTTP mode to connect to a computer to download images, as well as start/stop video.

You’ll need your D4 or D4S, WT-5 wireless transmitter, USB cable that came with the camera, a wireless router with its SSID and password, an FTP server with access set up, an account or username and the password, and the Wireless Transmitter Utility. It’s also helpful to have the wireless setup guide that came with the camera.

Connecting the Camera to an FTP Server

  • To create an FTP profile, select the Connection Wizard, select FTP upload, and enter the name you choose for this network profile

  • Then search for the wireless network, select the SSID or network name, and enter the encryption key or password. Choose obtain IP Address automatically and click OK

  • Fill in the menu items for the server type, either FTP or SFTP

  • Enter the FTP Server Address

  • Choose login method for FTP server, either anonymous or user ID

  • Enter the FTP username and password provided by your network administrator

  • Enter the folder name and port number provided by your network administrator

  • Choose the destination folder, which is usually the home folder, and you can start shooting. Images will download to the FTP server automatically.

Connect the camera to your network via HTTP Mode

After using the connection wizard, to configure the HTTP Mode, you are ready to use a web browser on your computer or mobile device to view and download images and movies. You can even control your camera to take pictures or start/stop movies.

  • To do this, go into Network Settings, Create Profile, use the Connection Wizard, and select HTTP Server.

  • On the camera, select Network and note the icons on the camera’s back screen.

  • A green box will surround the network profile name indicating a good network connection. It will be red if there is a problem connecting. Also note the small network icon. It will be a Wi-Fi antenna bar or a small computer network icon.

  • Note the camera’s web address or IP address. Type into your computer or mobile device the IP address of the camera.

  • Enter the username and password. The default username is nikon with no password.

You can now browse your camera’s memory card and control the camera to take pictures or start/stop movies.