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NEF Processing In-Camera

Processing Nikon's RAW files in your digital SLR camera

NEF Processing In-Camera - Watch the video to learn how you can process NEF files in-camera on a Nikon DSLR, adjusting such things as color or tone before saving as a processed JPG.

In the Retouch menu of most Nikon DSLR cameras, you’ll find the NEF in-camera processing feature that allows you to process NEF (RAW) files into JPGs, right in the camera. This is useful if you want to shoot RAW files but also be able to share a quick JPG.

You can adjust Picture Controls, change images from color to B&W or Sepia, change White Balance, Exposure Compensation and more.

Once you have adjusted the file to your liking, you can preview it by pushing the magnifying glass button on the rear of the camera body; then select EXE (execute) when you’re ready for the camera to save the JPG file to your media card. The original NEF file is also saved onto the media card, so you can always go back to the original capture when you’re back at your computer.