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Live Content Creation—Staying Connected Through High Quality Livestreaming

In uncertain times like these, Nikon wants to help creators stay inspired, engaged and growing.

Even broadcast TV has turned to streaming content from home—whether its the informal comedian streaming short bits of funny content to make us all laugh or athletes and celebrities who just want to let everyone know we’re all in this world together to news broadcasts and late night talks shows.        

Content creators around the world are sharing their knowledge and expertise—whether its photography, video, cooking, craft-making, whatever—with the world.

© Seth Miranda

Using a Camera as a Webcam - Learn how Seth uses a Nikon Z 6 and NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/4 S lens as a webcam for high quality video streaming.

With a small set up, it’s easy to take your message to the masses.

But you might be wondering how to go about doing so.

We spoke with Seth Miranda, a professional photographer who regularly shares his photographic and streaming knowledge on various platforms including YouTube and Twitch; using a Nikon Z 6 as the webcam for his streaming.

“ANYONE that wants a better quality level of content,” he says, should look to using a camera as their ‘webcam’ because, “with so many creators competing for an audience…its easy to let content die if no one wants to consume it simply because the production level is low.”

With the right equipment, you can produce content with a higher production value. And when your content is of high quality, it can open doors to collaborating with others and reaching a broader audience.

What better way to stay relevant than talking to people around the world "face to face" live?

“With platforms like Twitch and my Discord I’m able to have an ever running community of people of various skill levels share work and keep discussions going. When I go live it’s like a huge meetup even if people just tune in on their phones, they’re a part of something,” he says, adding, "What better way to stay relevant than talking to people around the world "face to face" live?”

Seth’s go to set-up is a Nikon Z 6 mirrorless camera with the kit lens (NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/4 S) and Nikon EH-5d AC Adapter which is used along with the Nikon EP-5B Power Supply Connector, Lavalier mic. and two light set-up. View his video above to see exactly how he sets up the Z 6 as a webcam and view the below video where he discusses his lighting choices and other tips for producing a quality livestream.

© Seth Miranda

Livestreaming Tips - Seth Miranda discusses tips and techniques to improve your livestreaming.

Seth Miranda's began his career in photography at a young age, in the fast-action world of BMX and skateboarding. Having used all formats of film, experimental/older forgotten processes through today's digital medium. He has assisted legendary photographers and been featured in galleries covering subjects such as punk and alternative lifestyles. In his quest for mastery, Seth has also pushed his cinema still style docudrama images outside the realm of photography and into other mediums. With an endless drive to push, create and collaborate it's safe to say his evolution of work has yet to reach its limit

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