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Benefits of Taking Portraits with a DSLR

Portrait Tips - Watch the video to learn these easy to use tips for taking better portraits.

There are many benefits to taking portraits with a DSLR (digital SLR camera). A DSLR camera will give you better resolution, sharpness and clarity because it uses a larger sensor to capture the image and more powerful processing power. Using a DSLR also gives you the versatility of interchangeable lenses.

Get close to your subject

Instead of shooting a picture of a person from head to toe, you can get closer to your subject for a great portrait of just his or her face. You can take great portraits with the lens that came with your camera. You also have the option of choosing from other lenses like macro, fast aperture or zoom lenses that let you specialize the look even further.

Fill the frame

You can zoom in or physically get closer to your subject so they fill the frame, as opposed to taking a picture of a person where they look small compared to their surroundings and may get lost by the viewer. Also note that when you look through the viewfinder on the camera, what you see is what you will get in the final image.

Connect with your subjects

Talk with your subjects while taking their portrait, and connect through the camera. Tell jokes, make them laugh, ask them to be serious or look away from the camera for a more candid shot.

Focus on the details

The most important feature of a portrait is the subject’s eyes. When taking a portrait, make sure the eyes are sharp. You can also take a picture of a person that doesn’t include their face and still tells a story. Zoom in on the details like a baby’s tiny toes, a grandmother’s wrinkles or a worker’s calloused hands.

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