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10 Tips on How To Leverage Social Media in Your Photography Business

Promoting your photography business. - Nikon Ambassador and professional photographer Dixie Dixon discusses how she uses social media to promote her business. (4:23 minutes)

Currently I utilize social media a ton in my business. It allows me to connect with current clients on a more personal level, attract new clients, showcase new projects, and ultimately drive traffic to my website. It’s a great way to grow your photography brand and business. Here are 10 useful tips on how to utilize social media effectively to grow your business from the start.

  1. Share your best work

    In the beginning of my career, I wasn’t very picky about what I shared online. Any new image I shot, I posted it but now that my business is established I only show my very best work online.  It’s important to only show the type of work that you actually want to get hired for. So for instance, if your dream is to specialize in shooting senior portraits but you are still shooting wedding work to pay the bills, only post your senior portrait work online because those are the clients you want to attract.

  2. Always put a watermark on your images

    You never know where your images could end up online so its helpful to have your name and website on each image. You wouldn’t believe how many people have told me they saw my work online somewhere.

  3. Put social media links on your website and vice versa

    When people are considering hiring you, they like to get an idea of who you are on a more personal level and social media allows them to do that. So having those links on your website is important. And just as important is having your website URL on your social media sites as well to drive traffic to your website.

  4. Share your adventures

    People love to know what you’re up to and social media gives you an outlet to share your adventures with people all over the world. I find it effective to post not only my images but also a story behind the image, tagging the people involved, and the lighting and Nikon Cameras/lenses I used. People love to know how you got the shot and sharing that shows potential clients that you know what you’re doing.

  5. Engage with your clients online by responding to their posts

    The key to social media really is engagement. You can have millions of followers online but it doesn’t do much good unless people engage with you and your brand. So I’ve found it best to let everything grow organically and respond to people online who post on my images. It keeps it fresh.

  6. How to determine which sites are appropriate for your business?

    The truth is the more social sites you’re on the better. But if you have limited time and you want to focus on just one or two social media sites, it’s important to consider your potential clients—what sites are they checking regularly?

  7. What times of day are best for posting?

    It’s important to consider your ideal customer and think about when they’re online. Do they work 9-5 jobs? If so, it might be best to post early in the morning or even lunch time because that’s when they might be on social media.  

  8. Keep it professional

    I keep it pretty professional online. There is a balancing act to sharing enough so that it gives people a glimpse into your world but you don’t want to over share so much that people grow tired of seeing you. I like to keep it a little mysterious and overall professional but not void of personality.

  9. Create a unique and consistent brand experience

    Social media enables us to communicate our brand and I have found it is important to keep it consistent. So in my posts, I try to express my own personality in the language that I use, which is also consistent throughout my website, emails and social media. I also tend to use the same logos on everything so people can recognize my work and brand. Everything you do online is an outward expression of you and your brand so keep it consistent.

  10. Make your social media presence as unique as you are

    Your images are an outward expression of who you are and so is your social media presence!  So make it as unique as you are and you’ll be connecting with a captivated audience before you know it.