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Pet Mode

Nikon's new Pet mode, available in select models, lets you capture the expressions of your pet cat or dog automatically. When the Pet scene mode is chosen, the camera automatically releases the shutter at the moment the pet's face is detected. Because the subject is tracked and the picture taken when it looks directly toward the camera, you won't miss the right moment to shoot.

When the pet's face is detected, it is displayed in a double frame, indicating the focus area, and when a face is in focus, this double area lights in green. Up to five pet faces can be detected simultaneously. If the camera detects multiple faces, the double-frame focus area is displayed around the largest face on the monitor, and single-frame borders are displayed around the other faces. If the pet's face is not detected, the camera focuses on the subject at the center of the frame.

The Pet mode disables the AF-assist illuminator; button and shutter sounds.

COOLPIX Pet Mode display