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Nikon Z Series: Z Mount System

product photo of the Z7 mirrorless camera without a lens, showing the sensor and mount

The Nikon Z mount system draws on over a century of experience in optical manufacturing. The system’s large lens mount features a 55mm inner diameter and short 16mm flange focal distance which allow for flexibility in the optical design of NIKKOR Z lenses; with maximum apertures as wide as f/0.95 possible. The internal diameter of the Z mount is 17% larger than the Nikon F mount—it’s also wider than any full-frame mount available (as of 8/23/18).

By creating a mount with a large inner diameter and short flange focal distance, compact lenses can be designed that allow more light in, to hit the sensor. Using the latest in design and optical innovations, NIKKOR Z lenses are able to deliver improved low-light performance and edge-to-edge detail in both stills and video.

illustration showing the diameter of the Z mount in regards to the F mount

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